Dog wearing a bandana
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Fashion Sense for Dogs – why Bandanas rock!

(c) ktylerconk [CC BY 2.0 (, via Wikimedia Commons
We all know that people love to dress up their dogs. Now, we’re not saying that our precious pooches should be sporting the latest Dolce & Gabbana, but wearing a bandana on their collar makes sense – and not just fashion sense! Here’s why:


If you are walking off lead in an area where there are lots of other dogs/hiding places/camouflage, it can sometimes be tricky to see them or know which one is yours – especially if it’s a black lab in a sea of black labs! Not a problem with a bandana! Instant identification! Plus there’s no hiding in the undergrowth (yes, Parson Russell, we’re talking about you here!) when wearing a bright pink bandana. It really helps us as dog walkers in Bridgwater to identify which ones are ours too! As an added safety precaution, we attach our details to each bandana – they can still have the legal ID tags on the collar too.

Beard wiping

We all know the problem with dogs and water. It gets everywhere. They drink, then run around trying to find something to dry their soggy chops on. You can pretty much guarantee it won’t be on the old towel you saved just for chop drying. No. It will be the silk cushion. The antique rug. Or the new trousers of the one person around who (gasp!) doesn’t like dogs.

So, what’s the solution? The humble bandana. It’s always there when you need it. Call your rampaging hound, wipe & go. Job done. If you’ve got a particularly dribbly dog (yes, Newfie, that includes you!) then why not use a microfibre bandana? That will work perfectly!

Anxious dogs

If you’ve got an anxious dog (hates fireworks, distressed at the vet or reactive) then you’ll know there are lots of (expensive) solutions out there, from plug in pheromone solutions to medication. The problem is that if you always use these, your dog will build up resistance and they may not work when needed.

The solution? You guessed it – a bandana!

How, I hear you ask?


Well, by now your dog is used to wearing a bandana all the time, so you can simply spray it with Pet Remedy, a natural blend of essential oils and valerian, approximately 15 minutes before you go anywhere stressful or before fireworks start up. This way, your dog won’t associate the bandana with going anywhere they don’t like (as they are always wearing it), but get the benefits of the calming smell. Adaptil works well too.

The result is one calm, happy dog who looks dapper in their bandana too!

Safety wise, it’s a good idea to use a bandana with a quick release collar, just in case it gets stuck on anything. Our bandanas are simply slipped onto the collars, easy to remove for washing and come in small (dogs under 10kg), medium (10-20kg) and large (20kg plus). They are for sale on our Facebook shop but all dog walking clients get a bandana for each dog free of charge.

If you’re looking for a reliable dog walker in Bridgwater, Taunton or the surrounding villages give us a call today!

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