Group Dog walks

Group Dog Walks are a great way for your dog to socialise, play with other dogs and burn off some extra energy! With lots of play, interaction and recall testing, your dog will be mentally as well as physically exercised.

Group Dog Walks Bridgwater Somerset

What are Group Dog Walks?

A group dog walk is when dogs of similar temperament and exercise needs are walked together. This is great for socialisation – dogs love to be in the company of other dogs. If your dog doesn’t usually have much contact with other dogs, then a group walk may be just what they need!

FREE Pre-walk Assessment

All dogs are given a pre-walk assessment. This helps us to work out their temperament and exercise needs. It wouldn’t be good for us to pair a Collie with a Newfoundland. The Collie would keep on going, but the Newfie would want to stop and rest along the way! If an older dog isn’t particularly keen on younger dogs, we wouldn’t have them on the same walk. It is important that the needs of the dog are taken into consideration – we like our dogs to be happy!

If after the pre-walk assessment we feel that your dog would be more suited to a solo walk instead of one of our group dog walks, we will discuss it with you and look to work towards introducing your dog to a group when they are ready.

On or off-lead?

We will test recall of all dogs in a secure area before letting them off-lead. If a dog doesn’t have consistent recall we will walk them on a lead for their own safety (and your peace of mind). We will work with them (and you) so that as recall improves, we can then hopefully move towards an off lead walk for even more fun!


When your dog has been collected we send you a text message. We securely transport the dogs to the walk in crates in an air conditioned vehicle. The dogs are walked for one hour, with plenty of shade/water breaks if required. All that play is thirsty work! The dogs are cleaned off and checked over for any grass seeds or ticks. We try to avoid muddy areas but it’s not always possible, and dogs always seem to find something smelly to roll in! Your dog is then securely transported back home, where we make sure they have water available. Once they are safely inside, we text you to confirm your dog has been dropped off. We send images from the group dog walks too so you can stay connected and see what fun we’ve had!

Your dog could be out of the house for up to three hours.

Group Walk prices

£10 per dog
£7 for the second dog from the same household

For more information or to book your FREE assessment, get in touch today!